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Greek Education & Leadership Series

The Office of Greek Life partners with the Higdon Student Leadership Center and other campus partners for the Greek Leadership & Education Series (GLES) programs occurring throughout the academic year for our community. The GLES consists programs held throughout the year for specific members and leaders from each chapter and council. The GLES helps us to provide more targeted educational and leadership development opportunities for our members helping them to be good community citizens and leaders both within the CofC campus and the greater community. More information about each of our targeted areas and programs within GLES can be found below.

Presidents’ Meetings/Trainings

Presidents will have meetings with Greek Life Office staff on a regular basis. Group meetings will be held at the beginning of each semester to review important community dates, policies and procedures, and other pertinent logistical information.  In addition to these group meetings, chapter presidents will also have 1-4 one-on-one meetings with a Greek Life staff member where they will be given resources to help each with their own personal development, leadership development, establish chapter goals and individual goals.  Staff will discuss the role of a chapter president as well as the role each will have in the Greek community.

Risk Management Education

Risk Management Education happens in a variety of ways within our community including review of campus and community policies and procedures with leaders and members as well as education about healthy decision making and the effects of alcohol and substance abuse and hazing. The purpose of the Risk Management Education programs is to provide Greek leaders and members the opportunity to:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the Greek Life Risk Management Policy, as well as the College of Charleston student policies they are responsible for following.
  • Understand the proper guidelines and procedure for event planning on and of campus.
  • Engage in open dialogue about ways to minimize risk within their chapters and the greater Greek community.
  • Learn the importance of peer responsibility and the role they each play in taking care of their brothers and sisters.
  • Become familiar with campus and community resources available for chapters and members to utilize.

New Member Conferece

Each semester we have a seminar for all new members of our community called the New Member Conference.  The format and presentation of these seminars vary each semester but always provide new members in the Greek Community the opportunity to:

  • Meet the Greek Life staff and council officers and learn about each council
  • Get to know new members from other organizations as well as other student leaders in the community
  • Understand their role in the larger community
  • Gain an understanding of what it means to be a member of a values-based organization and how to live those values on a daily basis  
  • Learn the importance of promoting a positive image within the university and larger community
  • Become familiar with the Greek Risk Management Policy and learn the importance of adhering to national policies and state and Federal laws

Greek Emerging Leaders Program (GEL)

GEL is geared towards freshmen and sophomore members of the Greek community who are interested in getting involved on campus, in the Greek community, and in developing their own leadership skills.  There are six educational sessions held throughout the semester.  Participants are nominated by the chapter presidents of their respective organizations to participate. GEL is facilitated each semester by Peer Leaders who have completed training through the Center for Excellence in Peer Education.  Students who participate in this program will experience the following:

  • Exhibit effective collaboration skills through various teamwork activities.
  • Examine the importance of ethical leadership through evaluating their own personal values and those of their organizations.
  • Learn to be proponents of positive change within their community and the University community.
  • Learn to understand and appreciate the background of their peers as well as their own environment through diversity activities, readings and discussions.
GEL 2014
GEL 2014
Spring 2014 GEL Class

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Fall 2013 GEL Class

Greek Leadership Institute (GLI)

GLI is held every January and provides new chapter presidents and other leaders the training and information we believe is necessary to be a successful peer leader in our community. Participants  have the opportunity to collaborate and discuss issues in our community, learn how to facilitate change and face challenges as a leader, learn the logistics of effective Greek leadership and brainstorm ways to help enhance the quality of our values-based organizations. The purpose of the GLI is to give Greek leaders the opportunity to:

  • Establish relationships by collaborating with their peers.
  • Provide participants with a set of leadership tools, determine individual leadership styles, and apply those skills to daily chapter management.
  • Enhance communication skills between peers and form a collaborative and functioning Greek community.
  • Adopt a clear, concise, and supportive vision for the direction of the Greek community at the College of Charleston.

All chapter and council presidents and one other member from the chapter’s executive board are required to attend this program.