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Roles and Responsibilities

Chapter Advisors

The chapter advisor is considered a liaison between the national organization’s headquarters and the college administration. This person needs to be committed and passionate about the organization, skilled in organizational and leadership development and proficient in their inter/national organization’s policies and their interpretation. It is through committed alumni/ae support that chapters achieve their greatest success.

The College’s expectations of a chapter advisor/advisory team include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Working with the chapter officers to integrate fraternity mission and goals as well as creating a connection with their inter/national organization through attendance at leadership conferences and utilizing available resources.
  • Supervising the chapter’s affairs as they relate to the organization, the campus and the community. Maintain visibility in the residential community by regularly visiting the chapter, interacting with members and attending chapter programs and meetings.
  • Meeting regularly (at least monthly) with the chapter leadership and being available to meet with members upon request. Ensuring an effective and timely officer transition occurs.
  • Serving as a resource person for planning events and programs, resolving issues confronting the group and being involved in the education of new members.
  • Educating the chapter about inter/national policies, state and local laws and the chapter code of conduct.
  • Working with the scholarship officer to implement a comprehensive scholarship plan and a residential environment that supports academic success.
  • Ensuring that individual behavior is addressed through a chapter standards board that empowers members to hold each other accountable for their actions consistent with the values of the organization and university.
  • Being involved in any situations that involve allegations of sexual misconduct or other egregious behavior.
  • Attending meetings of the chapter advisors when requested by the Office of Greek Life.
  • Working in partnership with administration staff, the Office of Greek Life and inter/national headquarters to foster a positive fraternity experience for the undergraduate members.
  • Assisting the chapter officers in developing a membership recruitment and retention plan.

On Campus Advisors

The College of Charleston is committed to strengthening scholarship and faculty/staff and student relationships among fraternities and sororities. Nearly all colleges and universities require all student organizations (including fraternities and sororities) to have a faculty or staff advisor. For most campuses, this is interpreted as someone to sign forms and approvals. OCA’s must be active members of the College of Charleston’s employee community. Below is a general outline of the role of the On Campus advisor. This vital position works closely with chapters on their overall scholarship programs.

  • The College of Charleston requires all registered student organizations to have an advisor.  This must be a full time member of the staff, faculty or administration and is responsible for the following:
  • To provide assistance in creating and implementing an academic/scholarship success program for the organization
  • To be available to meet with members of the organization which he or she advises at their regular group meetings or at a special meeting called for that purpose.
  • To promote a closer relationship between and among students, faculty and staff. 
  • To provide assistance to students in setting goals and planning activities for the organization.
  • To assist students in developing co-curricular interests consistent with the mission of the College of Charleston.
  • If the student organization maintains an on-campus account with the College, the advisor must be a signor on the account and must see every transaction that occurs on the account. Budget reports for the account will be sent upon request from the Office of Greek Life.
  • OCA’s are not expected to serve as the chapter advisor nor to serve on the alumni board (if they wish to serve in these positions that would be great but it is not expected).
  • OCA’s are not on call nor are they responsible for the social aspects of the chapter.

For more information about becoming a Chapter or On Campus Advisor, please contact the Office of Greek Life at 843.953.6320.

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