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Policies and Forms

Policies and Forms

This page includes relevant College of Charleston and Fraterntiy and Sorority Life policies and forms that apply to all social Greek letter organizations on campus. If you beleive an organization is in violation of any of the policies found on this page please submit the either the hazing report form or the non-hazing policy violation report form.


FIPG's mission is to promote sound risk management policies and practices, to be the leading resource of risk management education, programming and information to the broad based constituency involved in all aspects of Greek Life. The majority of organitations at the College of Charleston are FIPG member organizations and those that are not, follow similar risk managment policies. The FIPG policy can be found here.

Greek Community Standard

The purpose of the College of Charleston Greek Community Standards is to improve management and quality of fraternity and sorority chapters at the College of Charleston. The Higdon Center for Student Leadership and Fraternity & Sorority Life has implemented the following recognition and standards program to motivate chapters to strive for excellence not only on campus, but nationally. Also, this program will be utilized to recognize chapters’ outstanding achievements. This program will serve as a self-evaluation for the fraternity and sorority chapters, providing a framework for activities and successes to be documented. It will also serve as an assessment of chapter performance for the Higdon Center for Student Leadership and Fraternity & Sorority Life.