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Greek and Grade Reports

The Fraternity and Sorority Life Office tracks chapter GPAs, involvement and service initiatives. If you have any questions about this data please feel free to contact us.

Member Resources

This page contains guides and links have been gathered so that members of our College of Charleston fraternity and sorority community can make the most of their time in their organization and on college. We hope that every student has a full and enriching experience from their fraternity and sorority experience while here at the College and have compiled this information to assist with that goal.

Alumni Resources

We hope that your relationship with the College will remain strong and continue even after graduation. Just as your experience at the College has become an essential part of who you are, you will always be an irreplaceable part of CofC.

We hope you never stop thinking about what you need and want from the College of Charleston, and hope you stay in touch with and meet others in the CofC family to support your work and enrich your life.

Advisor Resources

Thank you for agreeing to play a vital role in the College of Charleston Greek community. The Fraternity and Sorority Life Office values the time, energy, and resources you commit to our students everyday. Serving as a chapter advisor can be an incredibly rewarding job and our staff is dedicated to keeping you informed of local and national resources that can contribute to your success.

Parent Resources

Fraternity and sorority life has been an active part of the College of Charleston for over 120 years. Approximately 21% of the College of Charleston undergraduate student population is affiliated. Whether your son or daughter is interested in joining a fraternity or sorority, is participating in the new member process, or is an initiated member of one of our 26 chapters, we welcome this opportunity to let you know about our office and the benefits of joining a Greek lettered organization. We can ensure that this experience will create valuable memories for your student that go beyond their collegiate years.